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The Right Place

Updated: Dec 13, 2018

Self Love, Traveling & Music.

I recently took a trip to England that I considered extending into a move across the pond. Once abroad, I received confirmation that I would never be with the person I wanted. So I sulked and re-evaluated if this trip was a vacation or a move.

I officially initiated myself into the Lonely Hearts Club by blasting love songs on repeat. I saw KOATES perform, “The Right Place,” in London and fell in love with the song. With lyrics like, “Wish we could live in a moment, where only your words count,” and “All I wants to be in the right place with you,” it seemed like the perfect love song to sulk to. As I listened, I grew sad, reminded that I’d never be in the right place with the person I wanted.

Then, a light switch went off in my head.

I changed the “you,” in the song to, “me.”

"All I wants to be in the right place with me."

It felt so right.

I turned it up louder, jumped around and called my best friend to tell him my life had just changed. I felt this "happy high" which may have been aided by the Kombucha I was drinking. What if instead of sulking, I celebrated? How much happier would we all be if we used love songs to help us love ourselves and let go of the people who don't love us?

After KOATES I put on, “Happier,” by Bastille and Marshmello. As I sang to, “Lately, I’ve been thinking I want you to be happier,” I changed the “you” to “me.” Suddenly, all these love songs sounded better and the lyrics made more sense.

When I realized I had a greater purpose than sulking over a man, I also learned what the true reason for my trip was.

I was abroad to find me, to challenge me and to love me. I didn't have to decide immediately if I wanted to move away, but I did have to make the immediate switch to loving myself. I learned that the “right place” isn’t a place but a mindset. I love traveling, I love music and most importantly...

I love me.

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