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"The Great Beyond"

Updated: Jan 22

From the outside looking in, I had it all in high school. I was a three season athlete, with friends and good grades. But internally I was struggling and there was one person who got me through it; my guidance counselor. She was more than a mentor and friend, she was a light in my life. She was one of the kindest, most selfless souls alive. She died suddenly at 55 years old.

When we lose someone too wonderful too soon, it is impossible to cope. I spent more time trying to make sense of her untimely death than I did grieving. It wasn't until I turned to comedian Jim Carrey, that I discovered a kave meaning to sudden deaths of spectacular souls.

Jim and Andy: The Great Beyond is a Netflix documentary that follows Jim Carrey while he portrays comedian Andy Kaufman in a film about Kaufman's life. Kaufman was known for risking it all for a laugh and admired for being unapologetically himself. He died young after being diagnosed with lung cancer.

Carrey believes that genuine souls like Andy are not meant to spend a long time on this Earth. Carrey says that people who are so unapologetically themselves are too genuine for this world and must die in order to continue being their true selves. While I agree with Carrey to an extent, he is only laying the foundation for the real truth...

Genuine souls don't die. They return home.

When a beautiful soul is taken from us too soon it is because they were never meant to stay here long, because they are not of this world and they are not ours.

Beautiful souls are angels on Earth.

My guidance counselor had an unexplainable, authentic kindness that only angels know. She was never ours to begin with, but an angel lent to Earth from God. It was always in His plan that her stay here remain short so the rest of us could get a glimpse of heaven.

I believe my guidance counselor was an angel on Earth and I believe the unapologetically genuine, beautiful souls of this world are actually angels on Earth destined to go home early. In discovering the kave meaning to why the good die young, I grieve differently. Discovering that she was an angel on Earth means her wings were clipped while she was here and now she's finally free. I carry her in my heart hoping to spread the kindness she showed.

Have you ever met an angel on Earth?

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