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Sweet Baby Jesus

Why a king came as an infant.

If you've ever seen the film, “Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Rick Bobby,” sweet, baby Jesus, should sound familiar. While saying grace at dinner, Ricky Bobby continues to refer to Jesus as, “baby Jesus,” which sparks a debate about how long Jesus truly was a baby. What matters most is not the when but the why. So, why did the greatest king to ever live enter the world as a vulnerable infant?

Jesus is believed to be God in human form and God's only son. The way that God chose to enter into the world often goes overlooked, but it is an essential part of our faith. God could have entered the world in a grand way. Most kings would make a grand entrance to demonstrate their strength and intimidate people into worship. God could have come down as lightning struck and a storm ensued, but instead, God came as a helpless infant.

God entered the world in the most vulnerable human form because he wanted to earn our love, not demand it. True love is choice. If you’re commanded to love someone, is it really love? God wants us to choose him and to choose love.

Free will is EVERYTHING for our faith, but many overlook it. God came as a baby and experienced the suffering and temptations we do. This Christmas season, I remind everyone, of the unique love the holy, humble king offers.

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