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Pray for Prey

There is no appropriate title or photo for this topic. My first jab at writing about sexual assault.

I never watched the Brett Kavanaugh hearing in which Dr. Ford accused the lawyer and jurist of sexually assaulting her.

I will not be sharing my opinion on this case but I'd like to share how I believe sexual assault cases should be processed.

Sexual assault is a crime and should be investigated like other crimes. Currently, when sexual assault victims come forward in the U.S., officials usually ask them questions like, “What were you wearing? Did you lead the perpetrator on? What kind of neighborhood were you in?” The “were you asking for it” nature of these questions is inappropriate, counterproductive and inherently sexist.

You wouldn’t ask someone who was robbed, kidnapped, hit by a car, left for dead, if they were asking for it, so why do we treat sexual assault victims as such?

I'm not encouraging the suspension of a formal investigation into sexual assault cases. People lie about being sexually assaulted just as people lie about other crimes. When a victim comes forward, appropriate questions need to be asked and an attempted recount needs to be offered.

Officials should be concerned with discovering the truth as opposed to making the victim feel worthless.

Sexual assault is difficult and uncomfortable to discuss. When writing about certain topics for my blog, I make conscious efforts to be impartial. Currently, I don’t feel confident that I can write about sexual assault in an unbiased manner. So I won’t.

Sending love to the victims of sexual assault and disgust to the ones who lie about it.

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