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Men Are Beautiful

I get direct messages on Instagram with inquiries about my blog and my lifestyle tips. Recently, someone messaged me just to tell me I was beautiful and I was blown away with gratitude. We began to talk about how all women are beautiful and then the question arose; Are men beautiful?

I thought back to a Campus Ministry event I attended in college. At the event, we all agreed that God created men to reflect his strength and women to reflect his beauty, but none of us could come up with definitions for strength or beauty. This made it difficult for us to come up with specific ways we reflect God.

An older woman chimed in to say that sometimes she’ll wear skirts, even though she prefers jeans, to reflect God's beauty. I called bullshit. I had a difficult time believing God judges beauty based on clothing. Then I wondered if men could be beautiful even though they were created to reflect strength.

A beautiful person is anyone who owns who they are. Beauty is a reflection of the soul and anyone who is unapologetically themselves is be-you-tiful. The God I worship sees beauty as uniqueness in character, kindness in heart and selflessness in soul. These are all qualities men can rock just as well as women. Beauty is not about your sex, gender, age or clothing. It's about your soul. So, yes, men can be and are absolutely beautiful.

For every woman who thinks she needs to wear a skirt to reflect God’s beauty is a man who thinks he needs to hit the gym to reflect God’s strength. But when we limit the definition of strength and beauty to aesthetics we miss the true meaning.

A strong person is anyone who can put others before themselves. Strength is courage and anyone who has the courage to put others before themselves is strong. Maybe it's someone protecting their family emotionally and financially, or someone giving blankets to the homeless. However you exemplify strength, like beauty, it comes from within, and like beauty, it is not limited to one sex. The God I worship sees strength in character, not in body.

For the bible thumpers who will argue that this article goes against God's plan, I believe it agrees with His design. The Bible says that while Adam was sleeping, God took out one of his ribs and used it to create Eve. Therefore women are of men and similar in design and must share qualities. Why then, couldn't both men and women equally have the capacity to exemplify God's strength and beauty?

Unfortunately, it’s not the bible thumpers who are confusing us the most, it’s the American culture that has created strict gender roles. The culture makes women feel that being strong is masculine and men feel that being beautiful is feminine. These lies take us away from the kave and away from the true meaning of strength and beauty.

The God I worship designed women to reflect his beauty and men to reflect his strength, but he also designed women and men similar and gave both sexes the power to access both attributes.

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