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Keeping Up with Kenosis

Updated: Aug 15, 2019

Your guide to selfless love

I took my first jab at writing about kenosis during college while I was interning for The Odyssey Online. I wrote that kenosis is selfless love and the key to lasting relationships. As I revisit kenosis in my kave, I'll discuss how to offer selfless love while maintaining self-love.

In Greek, kenosis translates to "self-emptying" and means putting others before yourself. Remember, you cannot empty yourself if you are not filled. You cannot love anyone else before you love yourself. You cannot pour from an empty cup. In order to offer selfless love, you must fully love yourself first. Fill your cup with goodness, then pour from your cup to bring joy and love to others. This is kenosis.

The wine and bread that Catholics receive during mass is a physical example of Jesus demonstrating kenosis. Catholics believe it is truly Jesus's blood and body he empties for us as a sign of his love.

While we may not be able to exemplify kenosis in such grand ways, we can always find ways to be selfless like putting people before paperwork. When my friend was crying over her breakup, I put my homework on hold to console her. This is kenosis.

I am only brushing the surface with my interpretation of kenosis. There is a deeper meaning to this Christian ideology that I recommend everyone look into. However, my purpose of this article is to bring awareness to selflessness in a selfish world. Kenosis is the key to meaningful, lasting relationships. So fill your cup and pour it out and allow selflessness to lead your relationships. Keep It Kaveman. Keep Up With Kenosis!

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