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Have Your Gay & Eat Cake Too

Updated: Jan 22

When a Christian baker refuses to bake a cake for a same sex marriage in Millennial America...

A couple years back, a bakery in Colorado was sued for denying a same sex couple a wedding cake. The LGBTQ community was outraged and the owner of the bakery, Jack Phillips, defended his decision based on religious principle. Well known actor and television personality Raven Symone, related the incident as being no different to the discrimination African Americans faced when they were being denied access to establishments during the Civil Rights movement. Well known actor and Christian, Candace Cameron Bure defended Phillips claiming, he had served the couple in the past, but could not give them a cake for that specific occasion because of his religious views on same sex marriage.

So, who is right here? Well, like almost every social and political issue in America, the answer is not so black and white…

Some states allow for such “discrimination,” while in Colorado it is illegal to deny a customer based on race, sex, marital status or religious affiliation. But can we morally define Phillip’s choice as discrimination when he has served the couple in the past? His decision to serve a gay couple in the past, but not serve them for a gay wedding, begs the question, “Was he denying them for who they are or their decision?”

Discrimination or disagreement?

The couple is gay, that’s who they are, yet Phillips still served them prior without conflict. The couple decides to wed, that’s their decision, and Phillips did not want any hand in aiding the marital ceremony. In his mind as a Christian, making them a wedding cake would show God he agreed with the ceremony and therefore go against biblical teachings on marriage as a sacred bond between man and woman. While Phillips never said this directly, he did say that he “doesn’t discriminate,” but won’t bake cakes for, “every message.”

The message I’m receiving? This dude isn’t discriminating. He’s just a Catholic trying to make it in Millennial America.

When African Americans were being denied service during the Civil Rights movement it was because of their ethnicity, a.k.a. who they are. This was a clear and evident example of discrimination because it is denying one for who they are, not their choices. Therefore, I don’t agree with Raven’s claim. Love the show though! Cue the That’s So Raven theme song.

If Phillips had refused to serve to the couple based on their sexual orientation, it would have been discrimination and in my opinion, fucked up.

Denying a person based on their sexual orientation is wrong, but denying participation in something that goes against your religious views is American.

As a proud American, I believe businesses should be able to deny certain services, not customers, based on religious principle. As a proud Christian, I understand Phillip’s decision and believe he was wrongly sued.

Whether you are gay or straight, Christian or atheist, marriage is a human right that all people, of all sexual orientations, should legally have access to. But it is not an event everyone should feel pressured to participate in. Now the only question left is can this country sustain a law that allows businesses to deny certain services, not people, based on religious principle? Or has America become so liberal, that we no longer can go back to our cave roots of disagreeing with one another’s decisions while still accepting who they are?

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