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Forgiveness & Fig Trees

I'd like to share with you a summary of a homily that truly touched me. Father used the metaphor of us as fig trees and God as the farmer to explain God's relentless mercy and forgiveness. Let's get into it...

Each one of us is a fig tree and God is the farmer assessing our growth. God checks on us often, as a farmer would check on his trees. Some trees will bear fruit, others will not. Some people are kind, others are not. Kind, selfless, faithful people are the fig trees bearing fruit. Cruel, selfish, unholy people are the fig trees rotting. Following?

God continuously checks on all of us as a farmer checks on all his fig trees. God loves all his children equally, but he is far more pleased with a kind person than a selfish one, just as a farmer is happier with a tree that bears fruit as opposed to one that rots.

The farmer continues to check on both good and bad fig trees. Many times. God checks on us all many times in our life and offers us many chances to follow him and do good. Remember, we are made in His image and likeness therefore we all have good in us. Every fig tree has the potential to bear fruit, no matter how withered it may be.

In the end our fate is that of a fig tree and God will show us the same treatment that a farmer shows his trees. The good fig trees are kept and the bad ones are ripped from the roots and burned. Shit people go to hell and kind people go to heaven.

It is not our sins that determine our fate, rather our willingness to apologize, change and accept God.

You may be wondering, how many chances do we get? How many times will God check on us before he stops? Does the farmer ever give up on his trees?

Well, I’m not God, but I know him, and I’d like to believe we have a lifetime to choose him. I like to believe anyone who chooses him, gets him and that God never looses hope in our ability to bear fruit. But be wise. Choosing God, love and kindness should not be procrastinated. And once you truly know the loving and forgiving God that I do, you will wonder what took you so long to grow.

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