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Deeper into the Cave

We all have a tendency to regard people as they appear to us now, without any consideration for how they became that person. No one considers the flower when it’s just a seed, hard at work growing under the surface, but everyone admires its’ beauty once it’s blossomed. We often view the tip of the iceberg with no thought of all that’s happening under the surface.

Consider those people who use social media to promote positivity. Every day they post a new, happy quote, but no one just wakes up happy and for most of those IG hippies, there is darkness under the surface. I know because I’m one of those hippies. Occasionally, I get someone message me saying, “Your quotes get me through the day,” and I’m reminded of how important it is to use social media to help others. There is such an admirable, simplistic beauty in using modern technology to help others.

I’ve decided to create a website to let the world know what’s happening under the surface in my life and how I became Kaveman Kara with the hopes of both helping others and emphasizing the beauty in simplicity. If my site can help one person out of the darkness, my job is complete. Many people scope out my social media accounts and see a positive, hippy, Christian who loves traveling, writing and exercising, but that is only the tip of the iceberg.

I invite you into my cave to view the world from my lens and hopefully it will inspire you to seek your own cave and discover how simply amazing you are in this complicated world.

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