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Coins & Caves: The Origin Story


I was unsure about creating a blog, so I flipped a coin, it landed on heads and here I am. Imagine if we flipped a coin for the most important decisions in our lives? Imagine simply laughing at reason and leaving our fate to a 50/50 chance coin. My affair with the coin began two nights before my senior year of college began. As I prepped for the beginning of the end, I was bulldozed by the realization that it was my last year of being a kid; my last year of mooching off family members with full time jobs, last year of showing up hungover to class and the last year of dollar beers on Thursdays. That night I was overwhelmed with joy and anxiety. I remember the night like it was yesterday…

My sister was dying to go out, but I thought all along the plan was to stay in, and as a neurotic control freak I could not wrap my brain around a change of plans. There was a part of me that wanted to go out and a part of me that wanted to stay in. 50/50. So I flipped a coin and asked the timeless, figurative crystal ball, “Should I go out tonight?” Heads it was and drunk I became. That was the first time I flipped a coin to make a decision and I wound up having a great night. The last time I flipped a coin was about an hour ago at breakfast. I asked the coin if I should follow my desire to create a website and before I knew it George Washington was winking at me, giving me the green light.


So what’s the whole “kaveman” thing about? Well, I find myself like a caveman in many ways; I hate to shave, hate to put anything into or onto my body that isn’t natural and I hate how technology has turned us into zombies. To me, being a caveman means emphasizing simplicity; a novelty in our current world that flourishes on instant gratification. The premise of this site is rooted in simplicity and invites people of all genders, religions, sexualities and races to tune in as I attempt to bring our millennial generation back to simple views on love, faith and politics. As an American, I’ve been subjected to almost everything unnatural and complicated that takes us out of the cave and goes against God’s original order. This includes a food industry that profits off of animal cruelty and chemical additives, a health care system that profits off of sickness and a justice system that continues to divide us. In this site, I plan to address everything I deem wrong in this nation/world as I unleash my pre-millennial mindset that I feel was not made for this generation, but rather a simpler time. Come into my cave and join me in an adventure back to simplicity.

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