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Church & State and Jim Carrey

Yep, we’re gonna talk about God, America and Bruce Almighty. Bear with me.

I haven't written anything on politics lately because it seems people need self love articles more. However, I don't neglect that our country is in a horrendous political state. We're supposed to be the land of the free, yet for decades, we had laws that didn't agree. A large part of this can be blamed on conservatives in office using religion to justify laws.

An integration of church and state goes against not only America's core values, but also Christian values. Yes, you read that right, and if you're as annoyed as I am about Christians trying to force biblical teachings into laws, keep reading.

Freedom aka free will is not only part of the American constitution (of speech, to bear arms) but also Christianity. Since this is a political post, I won't quote the bible. Instead, I'd like to direct your attention to one of the funniest and deepest films, "Bruce Almighty." God, played by Morgan Freeman, gives his job to Jim Carrey, a disgruntled news reporter, for a week. Carrey realizes he is in over his head when he can't make his girlfriend forgive him. Feeling powerless and confused about his authority, he goes back to Freeman who reminds him, "you can't mess with free will."

This remains true in the real world. The almighty God who turned water into wine cannot mess with our free will. God cannot make us do anything. He gave us free will as a gift because he wanted us to choose him because true love is chosen. For more on this, refer to my article, "Sweet Baby Jesus," in the Faith section.

Let's break it down with the example of abortion. If abortion were illegal in all states, aligning with the Christian teaching that abortion is a sin, no one would have the choice to maintain or terminate a pregnancy. The suspension of choice goes against God's design and America's foundation on freedom. For the record, if you're ever in this position, I hope you choose life.

In recent years, I've gotten a lot of eyebrow raises followed by,"I thought you were really religious," responses to my political opinions. It's simple. I am a firm believer in a separation between church and state. I choose God, but everyone should have the legal right to choose otherwise. If we are the land of the free, our laws should allow the American people to make choices. Not run a muck, but choose.

For anyone feeling this is all common sense and they just wasted four minutes of their life reading this, think about how many Christians you know who feel differently than what I've articulated. Think about the fact that your right to choose has been jeopardized in the past as a result of conservatives in office. I believe in God and free will. I believe in a country where we are all created equal and are all free. For a better future in America, let's choose.

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