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A Dog's Love

Updated: Jul 22

There is nothing like a dog's love. Well, maybe one thing.

I've never regarded the fact that “dog” is “god” spelled backwards as mere coincidence, and those who have, are probably cat people. After finally putting down our family dog, I felt honored to have experienced a dog’s love. I say a dog’s love and not a pet’s love because, after having many pets, I’ve learned that a dog’s love is unique.

Simply put, a dog’s love is like God's love.

Think of a time you yelled at your dog. Don’t feel guilty, we all do it. Maybe you came home to a new pair of shoes chewed up or pee on the leather sofa. The next day, when you came home from work, where was your dog? I guarantee, right at the front door, crying with excitement that you’ve returned.

Dogs, like God, will always wait for your return, no matter how long you’ve been gone and regardless of what the last thing you said to them was. It is never too late to return to church and God never stops waiting for you. Your dog will not hold a grudge because you yelled just as God shows he won't hold grudges by forgiving our sins. God is always waiting for his children to come to him, just as a dog always awaits his parent’s return.

Dogs, like God, are always there for you and will never abandon you. People who believe God deserts us usually feel this way because of “unanswered” prayers. God answers our prayers in three ways, “Yes,” “No,” or “Not right now.” But, he always answers and is always there. I recall many times in the 18 years I spent with our family dog when I cried in her arms. She was there for me and wouldn't leave my side. God and dogs are always there for us, waiting to nurture and transform us with their unconditional love.

I learned that a dog’s love is like God’s love through experience, but it took me watching American Horror Story, to articulate the exact connection. Yes, you read that right. One of the most violent shows on television taught me about God.

In AHS Season 4, the smallest woman in the world, Ma Petite, is part of Miss Elsa’s Freakshow. The two have a special bond and when Ma Petite dies Miss Elsa says, “God put his very own light into that little angel. It was as if he knew that the world could only handle a tiny bit of his love at once.” Perhaps God has put his light into dogs. Perhaps "dog" is "god" spelled backwards because when we experience a dog's love we're experiencing God's love on a smaller scale.

Miss Elsa goes on to say that Ma Petite was, “too good for this place.” I believe there are people who die young because they are too good for this world and I discuss it in my article, “The Great Beyond.”If a dog is anything, it is good and pure. Maybe dogs are too good for this world and that is why they don’t live as long as us.

As much as AHS helped me with my theory about dogs and God, there's one inconsistency. I don't believe we can only handle a bit of God's love at once because I feel his love everyday. I believe we can only handle a bit of heaven at once and that's why we see tiny pieces of it through our dog. Dogs are heaven on Earth and their unconditional love for us is nothing short of a gift from God, through God.

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